33 Seasons Strong: The Appeal of MTV’s The Challenge

Week of 4/14/2019 – Show recommendation: MTV’s The Challenge

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Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year since my last TV / film review. Sorry for slackin’ on this category! While I do love my fair share of TV shows, I’d rather just leave some of them for pure enjoyment rather than writing about them. This being said, one show I have been binging on lately is MTV’s The Challenge. I never thought of myself as liking reality shows, especially ones on MTV; in fact, I always made fun of friends who found reality TV enjoyable. Now I am one of those people I used to make fun of.

With its first appearance in 1998, The Challenge has transformed from an adventure-based show to a more drama-filled reality show. 33 seasons deep, The Challenge has become MTV’s most prized possession, and for good reason. It takes alumni from well-known reality shows such as The Real World, Are You The One?, or more recently, Big Brother, and places them in competition against one another for a cash prize. Producing well-known challengers / vets such as Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, who has 18 seasons under his belt, or Cara Maria Sorbello, who has 13 seasons of experience, the various personalities each cast member brings to the table, is one of the best parts about the show. You’d think it would get repetitive after 33 seasons and seeing some of the same cast members participate, but each season carries a specific theme that calls for either a team or individual competition. Sometimes, even though it is an individual competition, alliances may form amongst the challengers, making the game a mental / emotional one as much as it is physical. On the other hand, vendettas are also formed throughout the show due to backstabbing, trickery, and off-camera drama that comes with clashing personalities, making it so addicting to watch.

This season is entitled War of the Worlds, where alumni from reality shows overseas (Geordie Shore or UK’s Ex on the Beach) have been invited to join in the competition. I was a little nervous about this idea because I’ve grown to love some of the vets already on the show, but in my opinion, this season has been the most fun, cutthroat, and  surprising in the past few years. Without revealing any major spoilers, I love the level of competition the newcomers came with, and I have a feeling they will be giving the Challenge vets a run for their money. If you’re someone who enjoys watching friendly (and sometimes not so friendly) competition or indulging in other people’s drama, definitely check out some episodes of The Challenge. If you already watch the show, who are you rooting for?

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